Thursday, August 30, 2012

the one about a movie

I just watched a movie on Netflix that I’d never heard of before-The Rebound*. It stars Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha. I liked him from National Treasure and I’m a closet romantic comedy fan, so I watched over the course of a few days while I did dishes, ironed, etc.

*[Disclaimer: the movie is rated R which is normally against my rules. It has language and one sex scene]

Long story short, Aram and Sandy fall in love. Aram is 25 and Sandy is 40. She ends up leaving him after a pregnancy scare because of the age difference. She encourages him to travel the world and live. He does just that. There is a 5 minute montage of Aram in Paris, Bangladesh, Istanbul, on safari in Africa, teaching cute orphan kids to write; in short, the dream of every 20 something. And this life, the life of a wandering traveler is held to be the prize of culture. Sandy discovers in the end, like Aram knew all along, that love is better than the world.

I am blessed that I did get to travel the world in my 20s. I’ve sat on unspeakably beautiful beaches in Queensland, hung out with cute orphan kids in Zambia, joined in on a village dance in remote Ethiopia, stood at Poseidon’s Temple as the wind whipped through my hair,  and ate falafel from a food cart on the shores of the Galilean Sea.

I’ve also loved deeply and started a family of my own. I have a husband I adore and two daughters who are happiness personified.

However, neither is the answer. Although traveling is great fun and having a family is rich beyond measure, relying on either to fill you up will leave you empty and alone.

Jesus is the answer. Jesus is the only one that satisfies. When traveling is done, when family is miserably hard, when life raises questions for which you can find no answers, Jesus is the only truth that sustains and the only joy that is everlasting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the one about Lily

I just sent an update to my family and some close friends on Lily's health. I figure those of you who read this care about me and my sweet girl, so I'll put the update here for you as well. I'm grateful for Lily, for this journey we've been on, and for all the rich lessons God has taught me as we've walked it.

 Here's Lily eating-yay! She'll be 16 months Sept 2.

I thought I'd send an update on Lily since it has been a while. During May and June Lily met four times with an Occupational Therapist from the Bell Center. The OT helped incredibly with Lily's refusal to eat solid foods. She also saw some problems with Lily's ankles and recommended special shoes. Within two weeks of getting her shoes Lily went from not standing at all to cruising around the furniture! As far as her eating is concerned, she is making real improvements.

We saw Lily's GI specialist today. I went in fully expecting this to be our last appointment. Although there are no longer any signs of reflux, the GI specialist said she isn't going to release Lily as her patient until she is at a healthier weight, walking, and eating more. She is doing this for my benefit, because whenever we meet with her we also see a Nutritionist. They advised me to start Lily on Pediasure to help her gain weight. They also referred her to a Physical Therapist at Children's to start meeting to help teach her to walk.

Overall, Lily has made big improvements since May but still has some more obstacles ahead. However, all it takes is a 3 hour doctor's appointment at Children's Hospital to humble me and remind me that our problems are so small compared to many other families!!!

Here are a few bullet point concerns for Lily for you to keep in your prayers:

1. Lily needs desperately to start drinking from a cup. This would help her drink pediasure and whole milk and make her eating times more independent.
2. Lily needs to start eating more foods-especially nutrient rich foods. Other than strawberries and bananas, she currently will not eat any fruits or vegetables.
3. Lily needs to sleep through the night!!!! (I'm not sure how much of an effect this has on her health, but it has a huge effect on mine!!!)
4. Pray for her ankles and hips as she starts to walk, and for the strength to reach this next milestone.
5. Finally, pray for wisdom for Adam and I as we meet with different doctors and therapists, pray for patience for us-getting through a meal time with Lily can be very frustrating, and pray that God would continue to provide for Lily's care financially (as He always does).

Thank you so much family and friends! I am grateful that you care for our baby girl!

the one when I ingnored my children

Today I intentionally ignored my children as they played outside at the water table so I could do this. I may have a problem...

It's things that Chloe Belle says. so precious...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the one with subway art

I have always loved subway art and wanted to make some of my own, but I've never taken the time out to be so frivolous. But I did tonight and I had soo much fun! Here it is-verses from my James memory project!

Here's the awesome post that told me all about how to do it! yay!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

the one with the same

 same age, same onesie, same kitchen. same fraggle rock hair.

Monday, August 6, 2012

the one about batman

I understand that my blog is pretty cheery kitchen-kids-Jesus fare, but I really need to complain, and if you can't complain on your own blog, well, then, there's no hope for us.

I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday. I am  HUGE Batman fan, and have been since I was a small child.

I HATED IT. Three hours of my life that I will never get back. In addition, Christopher Nolan ruined a little of the Batman lore for me.

I spent some time reading reviews of the movie for the first time this morning, and was glad to find many people who agree with me. Read this:

Without dipping my toes too far into spoiler territory, there's a difference between closure and closing, and by choosing to make The Dark Knight Rises not just his last Batman, but the last Batman, Nolan essentially tells the story that should never be told, and does so in a way that leaves the status quo so cracked that the only way to put Humpty Dumpty back together is to reboot the thing yet again. Which is a shame.

from Zaki Hasan's review.

This story should never have been told. yick.