Monday, November 28, 2011

the one with thanksgiving

"Being thankful is not telling God you appreciate the fact that your life is not in shambles. If that is the basis of your gratitude, you are on slippery ground. Every day of your life you face the possibility that a blessing in your life may be taken away. But blessings are only signs of God's love. The real blessing, of course, is the love itself. Whenever we get too attached to the sign, we lose our grasp on the God who gave it to us. Churches are filled with widows who can explain this to you. We are not ultimately grateful that we are still holding our blessings. We are grateful that we are held by God even when the blessings are slipping through our fingers."

-Rev.Dr. Craig Barnes
I took the quote from this blog post

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the one for Lily

Sweet girl, this month you are 6 months old. I am so grateful to have held your life in my hands for half of a year. You have been a blessing to me. I am particularly blessed by your smiles and the lessons of patience, grace, and humility your life has taught me.

You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. You love to be held and cuddled. I think you have your mommy's temperament, because you are happiest when all of the attention in the room is focused on you. You love to be looked right in the eye. You sleep so well in your crib, although you have yet to master the art of sleeping through the night. At home you are generally a happy and content baby. Your favorite things are to be held and cuddled, to eat, and to lay on the floor rolling around and playing with your toys. Away from home you are not so happy, although you are getting better. You love to pull hair. Your grip is pretty strong; sometimes you pull your sissy's hair and she does not like that at all. You are finally getting old enough to interact and play with your sissy, and this has been a very good thing. She is falling in love with you again after a brief little period of jealousy.

You are beautiful. Everyone says so. You have a beautiful smile, have I mentioned that yet?

We are so grateful for your life. You have taught us many lessons in patience, grace, humility, and dependence on the Lord. Because of your life, Mommy and Daddy are more in love with each other than ever before. We're so glad you are in our family, sweet girl. We love you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

the one with a little more Halloween

the little pumpkin

happy sisters

buzz, pumpkin, spidey, ariel, and a little ladybug

the trick or treaters

happy halloween!