Saturday, July 21, 2012

the one about summer so far

 Lily met with an AMAZING occupational therapist for 6  weeks. Praise the Lord, she is finally enjoying eating, she's learned how to swallow solid foods, and she's gained a little weight! BEST part of summer so far!!!

 Chloe Belle has spent tons of time playing with friends, and generally being awesome. No surprise there.

 Lily isn't so much interested in spending time with friends as she is being cuddled and treated like a baby at all times.

 I started keeping Brooke Allen three afternoons a week. Chloe Belle is facinated by her. Lily mostly tries to crawl over her.

 Every week we have a fun new color on our fingers and toes.

 Lily has spent some time exercising all stylish and 80s style.

 I've loved being a stay at home mommy and playing with these two all day long.

 We started having tea parties. Monkey is a big fan.

 Check out that little pinky in the air. She's a rockstar.

 Fourth of July with favorite people. Love these kiddos.


And of course, Chloe Belle has gotten some quality time with her #1 favorite: "my Noah" as she calls him.

 We've been to a dozen weddings this summer. I love Mrs. Coats!

 Mrs. Lang

 I don't think this was for a wedding, but they sure are cute!!

 Mrs. Hall-this was hands down the most fun wedding I've ever attended!

 Having fun at Chris + Brooke's wedding! So pumped for Kate + Bradley!
I love my man.